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Avail special offers on Fruits, Vegetables, grocery, Sea food, Poultry and more at  aswaaq outlets across Dubai. Browse catalog for more details.



aswaaq is the mosaic that ties together the multicultural demographics of the region. One of the most recognizable brands of Dubai, aswaaq is not just another retail destination, but it is a pioneering concept in today’s world of shopping. While on paper, aswaaq is a brand that offers medium and large-sized Community Retail Malls, in essence, it is your local retailer working towards building a better neighbourhood.

The group’s street market ambience makes shopping a truly unforgettable fun experience. And what makes it so unique? Getting your greens and grains from a supermarket somehow feels unnatural. But then, the present generation would not find an actual street market convenient. So, aswaaq has borrowed the best from both the worlds and provides a street market feel within its plush supermarkets. It is a place that embraces all the values of an authentic market place; it is a place where people will know you, a place where people will listen to you; a place where people will understand your needs and wants. The brand promises quality, convenience and authenticity to its customers.

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