Car Window Tinting offers in Dubai

Get your car windows tinted and enjoy a cool and comfortable ride with enhanced privacy and protection from harmful UV rays. Avail special offers on professional car tinting services at reputable automotive centers across the city.

Manchester Tyre Trading

Transform your driving experience with window tinting options that offer substantial heat rejection and up to 98% reduction in UV rays. Select from various shades to enhance your comfort while on the road. Choose from Nano Cool, Ceramic, and Armolan Premium tints, with prices starting at just AED 129 for small cars and going up to AED 649 for SUVs or 4x4s.

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Tint and Sun

Opt for a 30%-50% tint darkness, boasting a 99% UV block. Enjoy benefits such as improved interior preservation and climate control. Please verify local tinting regulations. The installation process takes around two to three hours and covers a selection of tints (3M, Konica, Llumar, Madico, or Scorpion) for Sedans, Crossovers, or SUVs, complete with a two-year warranty. Get all the above for just AED 445.

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Texas Pro Detailing

Shield your eyes and upholstery from UV rays with Premium Nano Ceramic Tint from Texas Pro Auto. This deal covers SEDAN vehicles, boasting a 30% and 50% tint. Enjoy a three-year warranty, scratch-resistant surface, up to 99% UV protection, 80% IR rejection, and 75% total solar energy rejection. Get all the above for just AED 241.

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Elite Shine

Experience the highest quality Ceramic Film, free from metal, dye, or carbon. Enjoy a lifetime warranty covering peeling, cracking, discoloration, and adhesive failure.Take your pick from these options: AED 399 for hatchback or sedan tinting, and AED 499 for SUV or 4×4 tinting.

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MRG Auto Care

Choose from tint percentages of 50% and 70%. The ceramic film, a top-quality option, contains nonconductive and non-metallic ceramic particles, providing 70% heat rejection. This branded product from the USA guarantees up to 99% UV protection, up to 90% IR rejection, and up to 85% total solar energy rejection. With features like scratch resistance, glare reduction, and optical clarity, the premium ceramic specification ensures great build quality. The process takes 1-2 hours, and a 3-year warranty is included. Get this all from AED 299 only.

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Safa Automotive

Upgrade your car’s protection with 3M Paint Protection Film from Safa Automotive. Receive a free upgrade to 3M Ceramic Tint for enhanced heat and UV protection. Contact Safa Automotive at 04-3380899 or WhatsApp:+971561059722 to secure your spot.

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