Workshops for kids in Dubai

Discover an array of engaging workshops for kids in Dubai, from sparking creativity with jewelry making to exciting DIY projects. Let your child’s imagination flourish in these hands-on learning experiences.

IRMA Art Workshop

Irma Art Workshop organizes personalized events to foster social connections and community networking through creative endeavors. They are committed to eco-conscious practices, infusing sustainability into their events to minimize environmental impact.

Location : Springs Souk

Roula’s Art by Design

Let your teenagers explore their creativity by crafting beautiful candles in this 1-on-1 class. They’ll learn to make paraffin wax candles and decorate them with various materials. Out of the 6 candles created, they’ll personalize three to take home. The class lasts for 2.5 hours, ensuring individualized guidance from the instructor.
Location : Al Razi Building 64, Block F, Dubai Health Care City, Oud Metha

Soap Studio

Explore a unique and clean kids’ activity with a ‘melt & pour’ soap molding workshop. In just 1 hour, children will learn to design their own soap, perfect for bath time or as delightful gifts. They’ll master the art of cutting, melting, coloring, and shaping soap, creating 3 to 4 personalized soaps with their preferred colors and designs.

Location : Seven Towers Complex

Innov8 Tech Education

Innov8 Tech empowers educational institutions with STEAM education integration and helps professionals stay updated with new technologies while tailoring curricula to individual student needs. Their group course on candle making for kids explores diverse techniques and the benefits of crafting candles, including avoiding harmful ingredients. Students will learn to create pure, natural candles, calculate mold-filling requirements, and develop personalized recipes using budget-friendly materials. The course also covers creative packaging techniques.

Location : J3 Mall, First Floor Lobby, Wasl Road, Al Manara

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