Future Style Jeff Chang Global Tour

Jeff Chang: THE FUTURE STYLE ∞ TOUR Concert has been scheduled for February 18, 2024, with Dubai being the first stop in MENA

Date & Location
18th Feb 2024
Dubai Media City

Prices from
294 AED

Jeff’s songs invoke the nostalgia of many generations. His voice, reverberating and soothing, earned him a reputation as the “prince of love songs”. Such songs as《信仰 》《爱如潮水》《过火》《爱就一个字》 are household classics in the entire Chinese-speaking world. Each generation would have taken something intimate and unique away from the melody, quite often a love story of their own.  What are these songs to you today? Perhaps you will find the answer in the concert’s live.

The “Future Style ∞” Tour has been driven by Jeff’s persistent pursuit of music transcending the limitation of time and space, by artistic creation, and intends to make his forward-looking statement in such an era profoundly influenced by new techs and ideas. The first large-scale solo concert in this world tourism destination featuring Mandarin pop music will be greeting especially overseas audiences with top-level audiovisual enjoyment.

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