Galaxy Winter Show in Dubai

Immerse in a 5D New Year show where kids become action heroes, dance, play with planets and assist Santa. The theatre transforms with 3D mapping, presenting magical scenes like present manufacturing and a space shuttle ride, accompanied by lively actor-sung lyrics.

Here’s what you can expect  

  • For the first time in Dubai, an interactive 5D show offers a magical time on New Year’s Eve for families and children.
  • See your children become Santa’s little helpers, undertaking a mission filled with dancing and playing among colossal planets. 
  • Each child receives a special New Year surprise from Santa, adding a magical touch to their experience.

Witness the Venue’s Galactic Transformation
Lively stage with dazzling lights, galactic digital elements, and catchy Christmas tunes. 

  • Step into the future with a multisensory experience, artificial snow, wind, smells, soap bubbles, and laser shows.

And the excitement continues beyond the show!

  • Guests can enjoy workshops, face painting, and photo sessions with show heroes before and after the performance. 


  • The show is 45 minutes long but the magic begins an hour before and extends an hour after each performance, inviting guests to delve into captivating workshops and exclusive photo sessions with our heroic cast.

Age Restrictions : 4 Yeas old and above require a full Ticket.  Buy tickets>>

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