Homayoun Shajarian and Anoushiravan Rohani Live in Dubai

Born on May 21, 1975, in Tehran, Homayoun Shajarian developed his musical prowess under the guidance of his father, Maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian. With a rich background in international performances and a repertoire of 40 albums, Shajarian has become a luminary in the global music scene.
“The Color of Voice” concert, featuring the Siavash Orchestra, promises to showcase the unparalleled talent of one of Iran’s most celebrated musicians.

Date & Location
8th April 2024
Dubai World Trade Centre

Prices from
390 AED

The concert is further honored by the presence of the distinguished Anoushiravan Rohani as a special guest. An Iranian composer and pianist, Rouhani was born in Rasht, Iran, in 1939. What sets Rouhani apart is his remarkable success beyond Iran, where he is esteemed in international music circles. His work in the genre of light classical serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western musical traditions.

Don’t miss this chance to witness the convergence of two musical legends in a captivating performance.

The doors open at 07:00 p.m. and the show kicks off at 09:00 p.m. ensuring you have ample time to settle in.

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