How to Contest Traffic Fines in the UAE

In the UAE, receiving an unjust traffic fine is not uncommon due to occasional errors. However, authorities acknowledge this possibility and provide a straightforward process for motorists to dispute fines. Here’s a quick guide for contesting fines in different emirates:


  • Visit the General Directorate of Traffic in Al Barsha or the nearest Dubai Police station to file a complaint.
  • Call +971-4-606-3555 or contact Deira Traffic (04/6063555) or Barsha Traffic (04/3111154) for more information.
  • Complaints can also be submitted on the Dubai Prosecution website.

Abu Dhabi:

  • Raise an objection on the Abu Dhabi Police website (
  • Fill out the objection form with necessary details, explain your reasons, and attach relevant images.
  • If deemed appropriate, Abu Dhabi Police will cancel the fine or contact you for further inquiries.


  • Contact Sharjah Police Traffic Department via WhatsApp at +971-6-517-7555.
  • Use the MOI smartphone app to contest fines by logging in with your UAE Pass account and submitting your complaint.

Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain:

  • Use the Ministry of Interior app to raise disputes, accessible on both Apple and Android phones.
  • Log in with your UAE Pass account, click on help, and then submit a complaint.


  • Appeal via the Ajman Police website or app using your UAE Pass account.
  • Tap on traffic service, then objection on traffic penalty, and enter incident details with an explanation.
  • Attach relevant images and submit; the fine will be reversed if your appeal is accepted.

Remember, each emirate has its own process, so follow the specific steps outlined for the respective location.

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