How to Get a Vehicle Transfer Certificate for Inter-Emirate Sale

Selling your car to a buyer in a different Emirate in the UAE? To make this process smoother, you’ll need a certificate of vehicle transfer.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your ride, relocating, or in need of some extra cash, this guide will help you sell your car quickly. According to the RTA, both individuals and companies in Dubai can apply for a certificate of vehicle transfer to another Emirate. Once you’ve found a buyer and organized your paperwork, the entire process typically takes only five to 10 minutes. You can complete it through the RTA website, Customer Happiness Centres across the city, and various Vehicle and Registration Centres.

Here are the essential steps for obtaining a certificate of vehicle transfer:

  1. Check for Unpaid Fines: Before proceeding with the transfer, ensure you have no outstanding traffic fines. You can check your fine record online via the RTA website or through the Dubai Police app or website. If you have any unpaid fines, settle them to clear your record.
  2. Gather the Necessary Documents: Having the right documents on hand will make the process hassle-free. You’ll need:
    • Your original Emirates ID.
    • Vehicle transfer technical inspection document (if applicable).
    • Vehicle documents, including a vehicle clearance certificate, electronic transfer certificate reference number, electronic possession certificate, electronic change of possession certificate, or electronic export certificate.
    • Vehicle license plate documents.
    • A police report if one or both car plates are lost.
    • Gulf conformity certificate for vehicles without specified manufacturing years.
    • Electronic redemption of the mortgage (if applicable).
  3. Start the Process: You can initiate the certificate of vehicle transfer through the RTA website if your car is registered. Use the ‘licensing services’ tab to log in via UAE Pass or the RTA website. Upload your documents, complete your details, pay any necessary fees, and submit your license plates at a nearby center.Once completed, you’ll receive the certificate of vehicle transfer electronically. Alternatively, you can complete the process in person at Customer Happiness Centres, Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres, and other Emirates service centers.

Additional Information:

  • If you don’t have a traffic file, you must open one before applying for a certificate of vehicle transfer.
  • Both the buyer and seller must be present during the ownership transfer process unless a legal representative is involved.
  • The fee for a certificate of vehicle transfer starts at Dhs100 for light motor vehicles, with an additional Dhs20 for Knowledge and Innovation fees.
  • For vehicles registered in Dubai transferred to another Emirate under a different owner’s name, the transfer fee is Dhs520.
  • There may be additional fees, such as license plate transfer fees. Check all fees on the RTA website.

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