Dating in 2023: Do you Know these Love Lingo?

In 2023, calling yourself “single and ready to mingle” is so basic, it’s almost laughable! With the power of swiping right and the endless scroll of social media, we’ve had to up our dating game and create a whole new lingo just to keep up with the times. So, if you’re single, you’re probably not just “single,” you’re probably “cobwebbing,” “soft-launching,” and looking for someone who won’t raise any “beige flags.”

The use of social media and dating apps has given rise to new terminology and behaviors in dating. Some of the most commonly used terms are:

  • Breadcrumbing: When someone consistently checks in with a romantic prospect, but never follows through with a relationship.
  • Cobwebbing: Purging mementos from previous relationships in order to move on.
  • Cuffing: Getting tied down to one partner, usually during the colder months of the year.
  • Cyberflashing: Sending unwanted sexual images to another person through digital means.
  • Cookie-jarring: Seeking a relationship with someone as a backup plan.
  • The three flags (Green, Red, Beige): Used to describe positive (Green), negative (Red), or neutral (Beige) traits in a person.
  • Gaslighting: Manipulating someone to make them doubt their own perceptions or memories.
  • Ghosting: Disappearing without warning or cutting off all contact with someone.
  • Love Bombing: Lavishing a new romantic partner with grand gestures and constant contact while isolating them from friends and family.
  • Orbiting: Continuing to interact with someone on social media despite having cut off communication or indicating a lack of interest.

These terms are used to describe different dating behaviors that are becoming more common in the age of technology and dating apps. However, some of these behaviors can be harmful and can lead to feelings of worthlessness and insecurity.

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