February Fuel Price Hike in UAE: Cost for a Full Tank of Gas Revealed

On Tuesday, January 31st, the UAE revealed its retail fuel prices for February. The fuel price committee has raised the rates by as much as 27 fils per liter. This marks a change from the previous month, where prices were reduced by up to 52 fils per liter. The cost of a full tank of gasoline for various vehicles will increase by Dh13.77 to Dh22.32 in February compared to January.

Here are the latest petrol prices for February:

CategoryPrice per litre (February)Price per litre (January)Difference
Super 98 petrol3.052.78+27 fils
Special 95 petrol2.932.67+26 fils
E-plus 91 petrol2.862.59+27 fils

Here is a breakdown of how much it would cost to get your vehicle fully fuelled up compared to last month.

Compact cars

Average fuel tank capacity: 51 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (February)Full tank cost (January)
Super 98 petrol155.55141.78
Special 95 petrol149.43136.17
E-plus 91 petrol145.86132.09


Average fuel tank capacity: 62 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (February)Full tank cost (January)
Super 98 petrol189.1172.36
Special 95 petrol181.66165.54
E-plus 91 petrol177.32155


Average fuel tank capacity: 74 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (February)Full tank cost (January)
Super 98 petrol225.7205.72
Special 95 petrol216.82197.58
E-plus 91 petrol211.64191.66

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