Dubai Public Transport: 5 Easy Nol Card Top-Up Options

Living in Dubai offers a unique and convenient experience, with residents praising the city’s emphasis on ease. Whether handling utility bills or booking entertainment tickets, accomplishing tasks on-the-go is a hallmark of Dubai living. The Nol card, issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), goes beyond being a public transportation ticket—it’s a versatile payment option for various services. To use it on Dubai’s metro, buses, and other modes of transport, a minimum balance of Dh7.5 is required. Topping up is flexible, with multiple convenient options available for residents.

Metro Stations: Each metro station is equipped with kiosks where you can not only check your Nol card balance but also top it up. Payment can be made using either cards or cash. Alternatively, you can approach the main information desk, and the staff will assist you in topping up your card.

RTA Smart Apps: Embracing the digital age, the RTA offers smart apps such as Nol pay, the RTA app, and the S’hail app. These applications allow you to top up your Nol card on-the-go. To use the RTA app or S’hail app, you’ll need an RTA account or can sign in with your UAE pass ID.

Dubai Now: As an RTA partner app, Dubai Now is another avenue for Nol card top-ups. Sign in with your UAE pass account to conveniently manage your card balance.

RTA Website: For those who prefer online transactions, the RTA website facilitates Nol card top-ups. Simply enter your Nol tag ID, found on the card, along with your email ID. Complete the transaction by entering payment details and confirming the top-up.

Solar Top-Up Machines: Adding an eco-friendly touch, solar-powered top-up machines are strategically placed at some bus stops around the city. These machines operate similarly to kiosks at metro stations, providing a hassle-free option to recharge your Nol card.

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