Surf Abu Dhabi to unveil at Hudayriat Island

Modon Properties, in collaboration with the Kelly Slater Wave Co., is set to revolutionize the world of surfing with its ambitious project, Surf Abu Dhabi, on Hudayriyat Island. The unveiling of this groundbreaking wave pool, touted as the “world’s largest man-made wave pool,” is eagerly anticipated by surf enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

The Surf Abu Dhabi project is based on the patented Surf Ranch technology pioneered by the Kelly Slater Wave Co. With the World Surf League (WSL) now owning the Surf Ranch, Modon Properties aims to develop a facility that will outshine its competition in terms of wave length, barrel size, and overall pool size.

While specific details regarding the dimensions of the pool and the waves it will produce are still under wraps, it is reported that Surf Abu Dhabi will span an impressive 51 million square meters. By comparison, the renowned Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California, covers only approximately 700 meters.

But the ambitious plans for Hudayriyat Island don’t stop at Surf Abu Dhabi. Modon Properties has a broader vision to transform the island into a premier sports hub. Scheduled for a 2025 launch, the Velodrome Abu Dhabi will feature the region’s first UCI Category 1 indoor cycling track, offering stunning views of the island and Abu Dhabi skyline.

Cycling enthusiasts will also have access to a 220-kilometer-long network of cycle tracks, catering to riders of all levels. Additionally, the master plan includes the creation of the largest urban park, complete with an elevated cycling track, a mangrove walk, and an eco-farming space. Hudayriyat Island is set to become a magnet for sports fans worldwide, with attractions like Trail X, Bike Park, and 321 Sports already making their mark.

Surf Abu Dhabi’s impact extends far beyond being a recreational facility. Modon Properties aims to foster a thriving surfing community, attracting beginners, enthusiasts, and professional surfers alike. The state-of-the-art venue is poised to host major international events and contribute significantly to the local, regional, and global development of the surfing community. There are even discussions about the possibility of hosting a WSL event at Surf Abu Dhabi.

Jassem Bu Ataba Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Department of Finance, Abu Dhabi, and Chairman of Modon Properties, emphasized the significance of the Hudayriyat Island development project. He described it as a milestone in Abu Dhabi’s journey toward innovation and progress, embodying the city’s vision for sustainable urban planning, vibrant communities, and economic diversification.

As the world eagerly awaits the grand reveal of Surf Abu Dhabi at the end of 2023, all eyes are on this visionary project that could transform Abu Dhabi into a global surfing destination and leave a lasting impact on the world of extreme sports and luxury travel.

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