Dubai Crocodile Park

Dubai Crocodile Park

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Dubai Crocodile park

Explore the fascinating world of crocodiles

Home to 250 Nile Crocodiles, Dubai Crocodile Park offers a family friendly experience.  The park includes a Natural History Museum, an African lake themed aquarium, a Savanna inspired landscaped area, along with a curio shop and multiple dining outlets.


Step into the crocodiles’ territory

An expansive exhibit displaying the natural habitat of the crocodiles including lakes, waterfalls, islands and sandbanks.  Guests can admire massive Nile Crocodiles 5m in length from different perspectives.


Embark on a 200-million-year journey through time

A one-of-a-kind museum highlighting the evolution of crocodilians and the unique adaptations that allowed them to survive the extinction of the dinosaurs.


Immerse in a face-to-face underwater experience

A unique aquarium giving visitors an extraordinary view of the crocodiles and a close look at their amphibious behaviors.


Unlock the wonders of the crocodile    

Educator lead visits impart knowledge and awareness about the life, history and conservation of this amazing animal.

F&B and Retail

Enjoy multiple dining and retail outlets with a unique African vibe.




Relaxed, family friendly African lodge themed terrace

Sophisticated and refined dining room 

Genuine handcrafted African artefacts.


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