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Green Dew Ladies Beauty Centre, Al Nahda

Green Dew Beauty Centre is an exclusive ladies’ beauty salon located in Al Nahda 1 and Al Nahda 2 area of Dubai. They offer a variety of services like Threading, Waxing, Facials, Hair Cutting, Blow Drying, Hair Coloring, Re-bonding, Pedicure and Hair Washing. They have a reputation for the quality of their services, and the products they use. With spacious facilities and a soothing ambiance, Green Dew is the preferred Salon in the neighborhood and has a significant number of clients who use their services repeatedly.

As a corporate policy, they use only branded products. In order to avoid surprises, Service Agents are trained to discuss prior experiences and administer sample tests when necessary, to cater to the requirements of varying sensitivities and skin texture. They have a stock maintenance system that generates proactive alerts related to product expiry, in addition to performing other routine inventory tasks.

At Green Dew, they strive to ensure that service quality remains as one of their core competencies, and processes are built to seek continual improvements. Each service is evaluated against a four level grading system. If any particular service falls below their acceptable standards, a root cause analysis is conducted, and steps taken for improvement are communicated back to the clients by the Customer Care Manager. Feedback from their esteemed clients is one of the important sources of information, in their efforts towards excelling in what they do.

Home ServiceNo
Price RangeEconomical
Timings"10:00 am - 09:00 pm and 11:00 am - 08:30 pm on friday"
Address Behind Sahara Center, Al Nadha, Dubai
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