Brake and Axle repair offers in Dubai

Explore exclusive brake and axle repair offers in Dubai to ensure your vehicle’s safety and performance. Don’t compromise on the crucial components that keep you safe on the road. Whether it’s brake pad replacements, rotor resurfacing, or axle repairs, these offers cater to your needs, providing expert services to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Manchester Tyre Trading

Revamp your vehicle’s braking system with outstanding offers in Dubai: Get brake pad change labor for the front axle at a remarkable 75% off, priced at just AED 49 instead of AED 195, or opt for brake pad change labor for both axles. With satisfaction from over 50 customers, these deals cover sedans and SUVs, allowing clients to use their own pads or purchase from the merchant.

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Greenland Hybrid

Choose from front or rear brake pad replacement services for sedans or SUVs, all valid from Saturday to Thursday. Secure a 51% discount on sedan front or rear replacements (AED 89 instead of AED 180), or opt for both at 50% off (AED 109 instead of AED 220). SUV owners can enjoy front or rear replacements for just AED 99 (51% off from AED 200), or both for AED 129 (50% off from AED 260)

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Juventus Tyres Trading

Elevate your vehicle’s braking performance with our comprehensive brake service offerings: Front Brake Service at AED 98, Rear Brake Service at AED 114, Front Brake Fluid Replacement at AED 159, and Rear Brake Fluid Replacement at AED 189. Take advantage of the Brake Pad Replacement Offer starting from AED 98, complemented by expert car brake inspections and tailored recommendations to ensure optimal safety and performance.

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Al Meeraj Auto Workshop

Benefit from substantial savings on brake pad replacements: Front axle replacement is now AED 79, reduced by 59% from AED 195, while front and rear axle replacement is AED 149, marked down by 62% from AED 390. These deals encompass front and rear brake pad replacements, accompanied by tire air pressure checks and refills if necessary, along with rotation and topping up of brake fluids, ensuring a comprehensive brake maintenance experience.

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