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Dubai, known for its luxury and attention to detail, offers a range of enticing interior car cleaning deals. Amidst the city’s bustling lifestyle, these offers provide an opportunity to maintain your vehicle’s pristine interior without breaking the bank.

Leo’s Garage

Revitalize your car with these compelling offers in Dubai. Opt for an exterior and seven-step interior deep wash at an incredible 63% off. Choose the VIP package for a sedan at 73% off or for an SUV at 74% off, featuring an engine clean, headlight polish, and a comprehensive auto examination. The meticulous seven-step cleaning process ensures a spotless interior, while the VIP package takes it a step further with expert engine inspection and care. From exterior shine to a rejuvenated interior, these deals offer exceptional value and a thorough pampering for your vehicle.

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Madeena Al Amwaj Workshop

Experience the ultimate convenience and affordability at Madeena Al Amwaj Auto Workshop. Treat your sedan to a thorough car wash for just AED 50, or let your SUV shine for only AED 70. With a focus on quality and value, your vehicle will receive meticulous care at a wallet-friendly price. Trust Madeena Al Amwaj for a refreshing car wash experience that leaves your vehicle sparkling, all without breaking the bank.

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New Expert

Through a harmonious blend of interior cleaning and exterior polishing, New Expert strive to bring back the original allure of each car. With a specialization spanning Mechanical, Electrical, AC, Paint, and Car Detailing services, their reputation as an all-encompassing auto care destination is well-earned.

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Apex Detail Studio

A specialized interior detailing and deep cleaning services are dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness and condition of car interiors. The meticulous process encompasses a comprehensive seat cleanse, thorough carpet cleaning, attention to headliners, and even the often-neglected seat-belts. Setting a high standard, they exclusively employ professional-grade cleaning products from KochChieme, a distinguished cleaning company endorsed by reputable entities such as Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), BMW AG, and VW & Audi AG.

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Polyester Insulation and Protection Materials

Get a Wash and Wax Package for only AED 149, or indulge in Complete Intensive Interior deep cleaning or Exterior detailing for AED 299 (saloon car) or AED 349 (SUV/4×4). For a thorough pampering, go for Full Interior and Exterior cleaning, detailing, and care at AED 499 (saloon car) or AED 599 (SUV/4×4). Interior detailing includes upholstery and carpet shampooing, meticulous cleaning of various surfaces, and comprehensive vacuuming..

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