Curtain Cleaning deals in Dubai

Introducing unbeatable Curtain Cleaning deals in Dubai! Get ready to enhance your living space and promote a healthier atmosphere for your family. The below expert cleaning services are designed to bring a fresh and renewed look to your curtains.

Neat & Net

Choose from three options: AED 70 for a five-square-metre service, AED 140 for ten square meters, or AED 210 for fifteen square meters, all at an incredible 44% off. Transform your space with expert cleaning, bringing new life to your fabrics.

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CAP Cleaning Services

Experience a renewed sense of cleanliness with the assistance of professional cleaners, dedicated to revitalizing mattresses, sofas, carpets, and curtains. This comprehensive deep cleaning service encompasses dry cleaning and sanitization for mattresses or sofas, as well as deep cleaning for carpets or curtains.

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Amazon service involves the extraction of dirt, debris, and dust using a dry vacuuming process. Stubborn stains and odors are then addressed through wet vacuuming, restoring the curtain’s appearance and fragrance. If needed, a steam machine is utilized for precise ironing. The service also includes the provision of all required cleaning equipment and the use of materials that are safe for curtains, preserving their quality

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Discover Justlife, a reputable curtain cleaning company specializing in cost-effective solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. With a commitment to quality, Justlife offers a range of services, including dry and wet curtain cleaning, perfectly tailored to individual customer needs. Experience top-notch curtain care with Justlife’s dedicated approach to cleanliness and satisfaction.

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Curtain Cleaning

The average cost of dry-cleaning curtains stands at 100 AED per curtain, while window cleaning can range from 180 to 400 AED. The overall expense for curtain cleaning hinges on factors like curtain size, cleaning specifications, and local cost-of-living considerations. While professionally cleaning curtains comes at a higher price compared to DIY, it offers the advantage of saving time and the hassle of cleaning and taking down curtains yourself.

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