Online Grocery Shopping apps!

Stay home and Stay safe. Yet one has to do their weekly grocery shopping and fear not, do it from the comforts of your living room through the below online shopping sites.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TSA) have also posted a list of 22 online stores to shop at, with apps specialising in meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, water supplies, pharmacies and supermarkets. Each have apps which are available of the App Store and Google Play Story.

Check out the list below and get buying.

Carrefour Now UAE

Carrefour UAE, delivers to you in the next available slot, based on traffic (so order at non-peak times for fastest service). It remains one of the best-value supermarkets in the city, so it is well worth having in your arsenal for avoiding the weekend big shop. (If not for late-night munchies).


Packed with healthy farm foods, shoppers can order healthy food at the click of a few buttons. The store offers everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, and dairy to free-range eggs, exotic spices, fragrant teas, poultry, organic baby food, cold-pressed juices, and more.Customers can also browse their variety of specialty items for every type of dietary requirements, including vegan-friendly milk variants and superfoods, like chia and quinoa seeds.


Choithrams exclusively deals with Tesco products and, if the supermarket doesn’t have what you’re looking for, it’s always looking to update its in-demand stock. Let them know and they’ll try and source it for you next time. (04 368 4026).


Deliveroo now has a grocery tab. Shoppers can choose from plenty of different stores, including Deliveroo Essentials, NRTC Fresh, The Flower Company, plenty of ice cream along with Petzone for your four-legged friends.
Free. Available on iPhone and Android.


This is an innovative, easy-to-use mobile app for ordering groceries in Dubai and receiving them in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on location, with instant or scheduled de-livery.
Free. Available on iPhone and Android.


The team here deliver quality fruit and veg from every continent, from the ripest Indian mangoes to the sweetest Malaysian passion fruit. Kibsons specialises in exotic fare, pre-packaged and mini veggies, as well as micro herbs, and it aims to carefully source the freshest quality goods at the best prices. (04 320 2727).

Lulu Hypermarket

Get next day delivery on all the household requirements you and your family might ever have, and fair prices while you’re at it. There’s a particularly good variety of fresh fruit and veg, and even the occasional vegan deli meat.

M&S Food

You can now get some of your favourite treats from the famous British store, delivered to your door. The easy-to-use app delivers to most parts of the city, and provides groceries, treats, baked goods and more from your nearest M&S Food store.
Available on The App Store and Google App Store.

Martin’s Meats

Martin’s Meats delivers beef strips, gourmet burgers, brisket, tenderloin, ready-made meals or all of the above straight to your home. Head to the site to see top tips on storing meat and even recipes for beef, lamb, seafood and more. (055 377 8714).

NRTC Fresh

There’s nothing like munching on quality fruit and vegetables to give you a fresh boost, and with NRTC Fresh, you can get it all delivered right to your doorstep. NRTC Group, the largest supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE, offers an online platform and app for on-demand delivery. And, it has the fast delivery, good quality and affordable fresh produce you’re looking for.
Available on The App Store and Google App Store,


Health and beauty products, magazines, electronics as well as groceries are offered at Supermart, and you can even save the items in your trolley for future trips. (04 456 6752).

Union Coop

For some fantastic deals on everything from fresh greens, bakery items and frozen food to electronics and beauty products, Union Coop will deliver it in a jiffy. As in, order before 8am and you’ll get it at all at 10am. Order in bulk, we say.

List of TSA online shopping stores

Union Coop
Aswaq Online
LuLu Hypermarket
el Grocer 
Sharjah Co-op Society
Emirates Co-op

Meat and Fish

Martin’s Meats
Tari Fresh
Al Mawashi

Vegetables, fruits and fresh food

NRTC Fresh
Quality Food
Fresh To Home
Organic F&C
Green Heart


Mai Dubai


800 Pharmacy
Life Pharmacy 

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