What are some scams people in Dubai should be aware of?

Ok, this one is an interesting questions and while you will not find a lot of people trying to scam you in Dubai, there are such people who try to be over smart and in some cases they do succeed in their mission.

For instance, while waiting for a friend outside Abu Hail Metro station in the parking lot, I was approached by an arabic guy in his car which had a Saudi Number Plate. The guy asked me very politely where I was from and upon knowing I am from Pakistan, he showed real expression of happiness and introduced himself as Ahmed from Madina, Saudi Arabia.

Then he asked me for help as he needed some money to travel back to Saudi in his car and how his family was waiting for him in the hotel, he pointed towards the abayas (traditional arabic women dress) in the back seat of the car and promised me if I could lend him Dh 1,000, he will wire it back to me as soon as he reaches his home. While being reluctant and a little bit skeptical in my heart, i decided to put my trust in this man and gave him Dh 500.

It’s been more than a year since this incident happened and no one has ever picked up the phone number he gave to me. Later a friend told me that same story happened with him and in Al Barsha.

Other scams one should be aware of include

  1. A call claiming to be fro Eitsalat or Du telling you that you have won millions of dirhams.
  2. People approaching you with some torn out prescription paper in hand asking for help to buy their medicines.
  3. People approaching you and telling you their sad stories of how they are stuck in UAE in search of a job and they need to send some money back home.
  4. People holding some medicine in their hand and telling you that their mother in home country is severely sick and they need money to send home so their mother can get treatment.
  5. An Old guy approaching you and telling you his sob story of how his young daughters in India/ Pakistan are waiting for him to send money for their wedding.


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