Where to find fresh fruits and vegetables at low prices in Dubai?

If you can name it ,you can get it in Dubai. Well that’s the popular saying about availability in Dubai for anything and everything. Dubai in its 50 years of existence as a global trader in commodities is slowly carving  a niche for itself as the leading producer of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE.

Dubai is  home to 3 million residents and is primarily dependent on food imports to feed its residents and visitors alike. However in the recent years during to proactive steps taken by the government, local production of fruits, vegetables, poultry and livestock has gone up significantly. There is even a Salmon farm outside Dubai, which is the only sturgeon breeding center outside Northern Europe.

Where to buy fresh fruits & Vegetables in Dubai?

Dubai supermarkets stocks almost every fruit and vegetable in the planet. Exotic ones are airfreighted and are mainly available at Spinneys, Carrefour and LuLu supermarkets. In our market survey we have found that local vegetables mainly Egg plants, Cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach etc are cheaper at Union coop and LuLu outlets. Carrefour also has an exclusive section for locally grown vegetables, though prices are slightly higher compared to the earlier mentioned supermarkets.

If you are from Indian Subcontinent, Nesto, LuLu, Al Maya and West Zone are our top recommendation as they have a wide selection of air freighted vegetables and fruits from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  Chinese grown vegetables are also available at these supermarkets often sold at cheaper prices than their peers from Middle Eastern countries.

If you are looking at getting fresh vegetables and fruits at dirt cheap prices head to Al Aweer market in Dubai. You can buy almost all varieties of vegetables and fruits at wholesale prices. However you will have to buy in bulk quantities to get the price benefit. If you are a large family or you have friends to share the purchase Al Aweer market is definitely a place to consider.

The traditional markets across Dubai are also great spots to buy fresh vegetables. We have found prices at these souks are slightly higher than the supermarkets, they have one of the freshest produce in the market.

Fruits on display in Al Aweer. Image courtesy : dreamstime

If you are from Europe or North America Spinneys and Carrefour could be the best place to procure those tasty and fresh organically grown vegetables.  Spanish tomatoes, Dutch spinach, lettuce, mushrooms are widely available at LuLu and Carrefour.

Organic Foods & Cafe is also a great place to buy local and imported organic fruits and vegetables.

If you are looking to buy fruits and vegetables from the comfort of home Kibsons online store, Freshia, Fresh fruit mart, NRTC fresh  are some of the good online avenues to shop.

Our conclusion

We have found that Al Maya, Union coop, LuLu  and Nesto has the cheapest vegetables and fruits in the town especially for those imported from India. KM trading Hypermarket in Oud Metha is also a good store for great deals.

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