Experience GLITCH Arabia: Dubai’s Newest Indoor Adventure Park

Dubai’s latest indoor active game park, GLITCH Arabia, is set to open its doors to the public on Monday, June 19. Spanning an impressive 40,000 square feet, this thrilling venue is located at Al Ghurair Centre in Deira.

Endless Fun for All Ages

With over 30 action-packed attractions, GLITCH Arabia offers something for everyone. From an indoor roller glider to a variety of gaming experiences, this venue guarantees a glitch-ing good time for both kids and adults.

Gaming Arcade: GamePort Arcade

For gaming enthusiasts, the GamePort Arcade is a must-visit. Featuring cutting-edge technology games and VR adventures, you can immerse yourself in 360-degree shooting sprees or enjoy classics like PAC-MAN and bike racing. Group games are also available for a fun-filled experience.

Adrenaline Rush: Kazu and Newton’s Walls

Test your strength and agility at Kazu, a challenging ninja warrior course. Be prepared for a journey that’s more challenging than it appears. Additionally, Newton’s Walls offers rock climbing for beginners, intermediate, and experienced climbers. Scale the walls and compete with friends to break time records.

Bowling Extravaganza

Experience the first-of-its-kind bowling alley at GLITCH Arabia. Utilizing the latest Brunswick bowling technology, this eight-lane bowling alley ensures a faster ball return, smoother lane, and an immersive overall experience.

Unique Thrills: SkySurf and Loop-de-Loop

For a unique experience exclusive to the UAE, try SkySurf. Dubai’s only indoor roller glider allows you to glide through the air and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire facility. After the ride, don’t miss the exhilarating 10-meter slide called Loop-de-Loop.

Convenient Location and Operating Hours

GLITCH Arabia is located on level 2 of Al Ghurair Centre, near the food court and adjacent to McDonald’s. Operating hours are from 10am to 10pm Sunday to Thursday, and from 10am to 12am on Friday and Saturday.

Affordable Packages

Choose from various package options to suit your preferences and budget. Prices start at Dhs35 for any two experiences, Dhs65 for any three experiences, and Dhs100 for any six experiences.

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