Active Life

  • Starts: February 9, 2018

The team at Active Life strive to encourage customers to explore activities such as tennis, football or Pilates. Personal training sessions are also available and are designed to improve the trainees’ fitness … see more..

Active Life - Dubaisavers

Al Jumooh Equestrian Club

  • Starts: October 2, 2017

Al Jumooh Equestrian Centre offers structured programs combining a host of activities with riding lessons. A team of experienced trainers are ready to help children and adults of all levels of experience … see more..

Al Jumooh Equestrian Club - Dubaisavers

Cleopatra Sports Services

  • Starts: June 8, 2018

Cleopatra is one of the top sports service company in Dubai, offering different activities in different locations

cleopatra Sports Academy logo

Club Mina

  • Starts: June 6, 2018

Club Mina, at the Mina Seyahi offers guests exclusive benefits ranging from a private white sandy beach to 5 temperature controlled pools including 2 shaded kids pools and a state of the … see more..

Club Mina ,Le Meridien logo

Dream Racing

  • Starts: September 12, 2017

Established by motorsport enthusiasts from Finland, Dream Racing offers a range of race car activities. Customers can choose to sit behind the wheel of Formula One and Radical SR3 finely-engineered vehicles and … see more..

Dream Racing - Dubaisavers

Dubai Autodrome

  • Starts: August 4, 2017

Completed in 2004, the Dubai Autodrome was the UAE’s first fully-integrated multipurpose motorsport and entertainment facility. Formula DXB at Dubai AutoDrome is based on a 1.12km oval circuit with a combination of high-speed … see more..

dubai autodrome logo


  • Starts: March 28, 2018

Located in Deira, Eduventure specialises in educational and recreational activities suitable for clients of all ages. Customers can choose from a range of options including scouting programme for girls and boys alike, … see more..

Eduventure - Dubaisavers

Emirates Kart Zone

  • Starts: July 30, 2017

Emirates Kart Zone offers speed freaks the opportunity to challenge friends and the clock, at an adrenaline fueled Formula 1 style circuit. They provide Honda powered European go-karts karts with double engines … see more..

Emirates Kart Zone Logo

Football Kids Dubai

  • Starts: March 6, 2018

FKD provide football courses at different strategic locations in Dubai for kids starting from 4 year to 15 years old.Their aim is to offer your child fun by learning and playing football … see more..

Football Kids Dubai - Dubaisavers

Golf DXB

  • Starts: August 3, 2017

Golfers at all experience levels can have their game improved with a range of services available at Golf DXB. Supported by software analysing the technique and a fitness system, experienced instructors of … see more..

Golf DXB logo

Hobbies Club

  • Starts: October 6, 2017

Established in Dubai in 1996, the Hobbies Club aims to provide young people with a vast array of hobbies and activities. Working in cooperation with governmental and private agencies, the club is … see more..

Hobbies Club - Dubaisavers

Just Play

  • Starts: July 31, 2017

Just Play is a leisure complex and sports activity provider. This summer it launched a number of activities based at Dubai Sports World (in Dubai World Trade Centre), including Ninja Warrior and … see more..

Just Play Logo

Kickoff Sports & Amusement Tracks

  • Starts: February 13, 2018

Located in Dubai, Kickoff Sports & Amusement Tracks offers its facilities for sport games with a twist. These include snookball, foosball and more.

Kickoff Sports & Amusement Tracks Logo

Lens Sports Events

  • Starts: July 9, 2018

LENS Sports Events is Dubai-based sport club providing swimming, basketball, football, water and extreme sports, fishing and sports events.

Meydan Golf

  • Starts: August 8, 2017

Offering a wide array of training programmes for golf aficionados on all ability levels, the team at Meydan Golf celebrates the revered sport on a 400-yard floodlit driving range and a 7412-yard … see more..

meydan golf

Modern Swim Academy

  • Starts: March 15, 2018

Founded in December 2015, Modern Swim Academy aims to provide world-class Swimming Tuition across Dubai.Modern Swim Academy is proudly affiliated with the governing body, U.A.E Swimming Federation, Swim America Association & FINA … see more..

Modern Swim Academy - Dubaisavers

MVD Tennis Academy

  • Starts: October 3, 2017

The academy’s mission is to enable amateur and professional tennis players to master the game throughout a programme that focuses on their physical, tactical, technical and mental development. Aiming to help each … see more..

MVD Tennis Academy - Dubaisavers

Raptors Football Academy

  • Starts: October 29, 2018

Raptors Football Academy provides football coaching services across all seven Emirates. The instructors boast years of industry experience, highlighting the importance of team spirit. The classes are open to children of all … see more..

Raptors Football Academy - Dubaisavers

Royal Equestrian Club

  • Starts: October 6, 2017

Established in January 2009, Royal Equestrian Club in Dubai provides a modern, well-equipped facilities to learn horse riding in an outdoor environment. Facilities include Equine & Cultural Library, stables, multi-purpose halls for … see more..

Royal Equestrian Club - Dubaisavers

Shift Gaming and Billiards Cafe

  • Starts: February 27, 2018

Located in the Jumeirah 1 area, Shift Gaming and Billiards Cafe offers a selection of food and drinks as well as an array of activities for individuals and groups alike. Over 150 … see more..

Shooters Billiards & Cafe

  • Starts: September 12, 2017

Shooters Billiards & Cafe is a Dubai-based lounge and cafe located in Torch Tower in the vicinity of waterfront area boasting a variety of restaurants and cafes. The venue provides a range … see more..

Shooters Billiards & Cafe - Dubaisavers